Pre & Post Tours

Pre & Post Tours

The tours will begin at 09:00pm

Duration of each tours is up to 4 hours

Specific info about dates and pricing will follow soon


Tapas Tour – Tuesday 26/06/2018

Discover some of the best tapas places in Madrid with local tapas connoisseurs! Your guide will share their passion for Spanish food and the secrets of Spanish gastronomy. You will taste a few from the most popular Tapas like: classic homemade paella, patatas bravas, jamón Ibérico and Etc. The tour also includes beers, Rebujito cocktails and Asturian cider. You will learn the traditional art of pouring this cider, as well as the secrets to the most popular cocktails of “La feria de Abril” Seville and much more!

Majestic Madrid – Saturday 30/06/2018

Directly east of the ancient heart of Madrid lies the fantastic ‘literary neighbourhood’ the Barrio de las Letras where some of the greatest writers, poets and playwrights in history made their home.

Away from the narrow, twisted medieval streets of the center, you’ll find the other side of the city. The Madrid of the Bourbon dynasty: the grandest streets and stunning ensembles of early 20th century architecture from Art Deco to Neo-Mudéjar. Calle de Alcalá and the Paseo del Prado, where you’ll find the famous institutions that make Madrid one of the most majestic cities in the world. Madrid’s most iconic buildings form an incredible skyline of bold designs, vibrant colors and monumental grandeur. The phenomenal Golden Triangle of Art combines three of the world’s best collections of Old Masters, Early Modern and Contemporary Art.

Madrid Appetizer Tour – Saturday 30/06/2018

During this two-hour condensed route, your Private Tour guide will take you on a trip from the dusty outpost on the edge of the enlightened Moorish kingdom to the glorious capital of the world’s biggest empire, from the birthplace of Don Quixote to the dark heart of the Spanish Inquisition. Madrid has seen its highs and lows, from anarchist assassins, dictators and despots, painters and poets – the passion that runs through Spanish blood burns with genius and madness.