International Society of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

The International Society of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (ISRPL) is dedicated to advancing the understanding, prevention, and management of recurrent pregnancy loss. Through fostering research, providing educational resources, and promoting a multidisciplinary approach, we aim to support affected individuals and families while contributing to global improvements in care.


Our vision is to be a leading advocate and resource for breakthroughs in the understanding of recurrent pregnancy loss. We strive to create a world where recurrent pregnancy loss is effectively prevented, diagnosed, and managed, ensuring that those affected receive compassionate support and state-of-the-art care.

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Genetics of the product of conception and the role of NIPT in recurrent pregnancy loss

Prof. Henriette Svarre Nielsen - Prof. Asher Bashiri

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What we do


ISRPL sets the standard in education and research to improve recurrent pregnancy loss management, offering hope and innovative solutions for affected individuals.


ISRPL fosters global collaboration in research and education to enhance care for recurrent pregnancy loss, sharing insights and innovative approaches for comprehensive support.


The ISRPL Annual Conference is the foremost event for experts focusing on recurrent pregnancy loss, providing a vital forum for the exchange of research and clinical advancements.

Board and Governance

Prof Asher Bashiri


Dr Mala Arora


Talya Kresch-Jaffe


Dr Favio Scarpellini

Executive Secretary

Prof Henriette

Svarre Nielsen

Standing Committee

Prof S. Shantha


Standing Committee

Dr Kilian


Standing Committee

Prof Mayumi


Standing Committee

International Society of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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